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Living Room Before - 

On the front of the flat - good light, a nice size room and totally open to both the guest and master bedroom (separated by French doors in both cases). This could be kept as a second living space or used as a part of an incredible master suite. The electric heater just had to go ;-) Living Room After -

The electric heater was removed and the walls were painted a soft, spa green color which also carries into the adjacent master bedroom. An Oushak-style rug was brought in to break up the neutral carpeting and create an island of rich golds, caramels, cream and green for the seating arrangement. I definitely have a thing for plaster furnishings. I love the large ruffled plaster mirror a la Serge Roche. It's sculptural quality can't be beat. Same goes for the highly sculptural branch lamps. Living Room Before - 
Looking toward the guest bedroom. The doorway has original French doors to close the rooms off from one another. Living Room After - 

Looking toward the guest bedroom. Guest Bedroom Before - 

Looking toward the guest bedroom. The doorway has original French doors to close the rooms off from one another. Guest Bedroom After Master Bedroom Before - 

Connected to the living room on the left via a 5' opening with original French doors. Master Bedroom After -

Here, looking toward the living room. Easy to close off from the other living spaces or kept open for added light and a very spacious "master suite" experience. I repainted the room in the same soft spa green color as the living room. Hallway Before -

Typical for an Edwardian flat. The floors were carpeted, there was a small single chandelier that tended to make the hallway feel shadowy and unattractive. Most distressing was the exposed sprinkler line running along the upper left side of the ceiling. Necessary but pretty ugly. Hallway After - 

Gone is the sea of carpeting and single chandelier. We boxed in the sprinkler line and created a long, single coffer which added yet more depth and visual interest to the hallway Bathroom Before - 

Perfectly fine with the new vanity cabinet, light fixture and all, but the shower door made the already small bathroom feel even smaller and a little chilly. Bathroom After - 

Just a coat of paint, a nice shower curtain and some fluffy towels. The Vestibule Before - 

What a bonus - a gracious vestibule that creates a transition between the rooms on the front of the flat and the rooms in the back of the flat. Trouble is, there's no electrical light source at all and the ceiling had exposed sprinkler pipes - and it too is carpeted like the rest of the flat. The left doorway is to what was originally the dining room (now the family room) and the right doorway is to the kitchen and breakfast area. The Vestibule After - 
The simplest way to bring a light source to the space was to add sconces rather than having to deal with the beams in the ceiling. Plus, I think they're a bit more charming in this space than a single overhead light fixture would have been. The unsightly sprinkler lines were boxed in with a soffit and the soffit was continued around the perimeter of the ceiling to create a large, single coffer. Family Room Before - 
This was originally the formal dining room at the back of the flat next to an eat-in kitchen, joined by a standard 30" wide door opening (which you will see in the next "before" photo). The electric stove was the heating element for the rooms. All of the flat was carpeted when it was a rental to muffle sound. Family Room After - 

Freshly painted, bright and beautiful. Taking my design cue of the kitchen's black & white linoleum tile floor (which you'll see in later photos), I kept the furnishings color palette in the black, white, graphite gray, sand, caramel and ivory family with a relaxed seagrass rug and a second wool rug of graphic birds in flight to add punch and interest. Being that the architecture is already traditional, I brought in a mixture of transitional and contemporary pieces to add youth and vigor to the room. I love the John Dickinson-style white plaster branch tables and the contemporary polished steel and ivory leather rocking chair. Family Room Before - 
As I said, this was the original formal dining room for the flat. Here's the original doorway to the breakfast area of the kitchen. Family Room After - 

Voila! We opened up the doorway to the breakfast area and kitchen which dramatically changed the flow and light, modernizing the space into a much desired, totally open family room/eating area/kitchen layout. And the views are amazing! The windows look north over Dolores Park and toward San Francisco Bay! The existing oak floors were patched and refinished to a lovely glow. Family Room / Breakfast Area After - 

What a difference opening up the wall made. Spectacular. Family Room Before - 

The dining room's (now the family room) original built-in china hutch had lost it's leaded glass upper doors years ago. It has since just been used as a small bookcase. Family Room / Breakfast Area / Kitchen After - 

I removed the shelf in the original hutch and placed a flat screen TV in the niche. Gotta have it for a family room ;-) Kitchen Before - 

The client had removed the partition wall between the vintage kitchen and the breakfast room several years ago, then added a modern kitchen. I loved the black & white linoleum tile floor. Very snappy with the golden maple cabinets. Kitchen After - 

The existing cabinetry was oiled to bring it back to life and then the space was simply furnished. Kitchen After